I Am sorry if the past posting about leaving was misleading. Echoes of Enoch the web site is not coming down but will remain on line. This site has been responsible for many to be introduced into the family of God and also has helped to bring many back into the family of God . It has also encouraged many others that recently came to the understandings  regarding the Genesis 6 paradigm that they are not crazy. So on that basis it will always remain on line. What I meant to say was that I was leaving the website for awhile with no new posts  so I could regroup, prayerfully seeking the Lord for clarity in my own personal life as well as getting clear direction for the new changes in ministry also. You should know that during this time of uncertainty in compliance to the scriptures, I am limiting my activity and involvement in ministry to obey what I believe is wisdom from the scriptures.

1 Tim 3:5

5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)


Certainly, it is not that I do not know how to have order in my life but rather currently it is not in order and therefore only logical that I need to take a step back until there is a God centered order to my life again. I am not going to be performing any Pastoral Counseling or similar Pastoral duties for a time until my life has an established godly order to it once again.

I have now taken the time to get the knowledge and understanding I needed to proceed any further. I will still be posting new articles and making new videos. I am going to work toward establishing a portable version of the store I had in Roswell NM as a vendors booth display where I will be selling my book, DVD's and artwork. Above all this display and vendors booth just provides the draw so that my main focus is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. 

Unlike others who may just ignore  or excuse this edict from the Word of God and settle for an image of Religious rightness, , I take ministry very seriously and realize that I am only  a vessel that cannot do anything  without the leading of the Holy Spirit. On that, I must regroup for a time. I hope you will understand. It is no big secret to any of you that understand the content of this site, I am exposing the enemies biggest secrets against God and mankind. That makes me a prime target for him to attack. He looks at every one of us like a chain which is only as strong as the weakest link. That is where a predator will attack. My weak link has been my physical health and my marriage. Both have a need to be restored and brought back to health. I am not embarrassed or wanting to keep this aspect of my life a secret. I want it healed and restored as I know each one of us at any time can fall into the same traps and snares of the enemy and we are e3ngaged in spiritual warfare. This makes us a team that needs each others help. Now I as the Minister need ministering with your prayers and the Lord's help. I humbly ask for your prayers for restoration that the goals the Lord which he has set for me may be accomplished. Thank You for your prayerful support.