It's the end of America as I knew it... but I'm trying to feel fine                           ((sort of sung to the tune of REM's "End of the Word)

N            November 6th 2012 R.I.P.






Election day, late in the evening after the TV anchor announced a resounding victory for Obamah, I sat there watching the delirious crowd celebrating the victory, waving American flags. How hypocritical that scene was to me. A complete oxymoron. Here was an entire generation of mindless traitors (my perspective at the time) to the old American Republic, it's vision and identity as a unified nation under God destroyed forever and they are rejoicing because they think they have overcome the assumed evils of a 300 year rule by an evil American empire. Beaming with joy as they look toward their new age progressive democracy with the expectation of a new deal and path for their America, my anger just intensified. I knew what was going to be the end of their godless guest, and I must confess, the rather selfish feeling also of knowing that they were dragging my family and I with them on this fruitless journey which simply created the boiling point for me.




 Their leaders know what they are doing but these followers unknowingly have put us all in the chains of a new world socialist order. But today in their blind ignorance they will say our warnings are just a matter of opinion. I was angry, I was frustrated and grieving for the loss of the America I loved and grew up with back in the 50's. That America, My America, was one most of these revelers never had a chance to know or understand and they just killed it. In this moment of their victory, I knew that I would never see that America ever again because whatever was left of it died tonight. However, I was not surprised at all. Unlike many of my fellow Christian believers, I knew the outcome was going to be this nightmare reality I now viewed on TV. I new it before the first election with Obama's win. I did everything right to resist and fight this outcome but I knew it was going to end this way. Feeling this loss I did not however, feel I failed in any way as I did what I could to resist this moment but I knew eventually it would come. I believe it was foretold that it would come and now it has come upon us all, like it or not.

Obedience without expectation

You see I follow the Lord and his leading not expecting or anticipating what the outcome might be. I do it out of obedience because it is the right thing to do. The outcome belongs to God, my part is to just obey and that is all. I have known for about a year before Obama's first election that Obama was/is a judgment upon the US for our unbelief in God as a nation and as the church in America, our apathy and inability to work together as his church or make a bold stand against ungodliness to be the people we are supposed to be, Obama then, is our just reward. (Deut 28)

So as I am watching this in great turmoil even knowing beforehand that this was the way things would be. It is one thing to know it but another thing to actually live it before my eyes. I felt like Elijah and just wanted to command fire down on them all. Then the small still voice of the Lord said, “But these are the very people I have called you to minister to in their time of great need”. Instead of feeling any remorse or empathy as I should because I truly do know what is going to happen in our most immediate future, my hardened heart had the Jonah attitude. I thought to myself, “to h-ll with them all, let them reap what they have sown, let them have their new age fruit loop world of insanity I don't care, it is going to go to Hell and they can go with it. If the ballot box doesn't work maybe the ammo box will, I'll go join a militia and fight them to my death like my forefathers did and would do again today if they were here!” As a Vietnam era veteran it is not so hard for me to take my passion for America that far. I did take an oath as a veteran to defend America from foreign and domestic threats to the Constitution so I am justified for a call to action right? Then suddenly I realized how wrong I was and how captivated I had been by these temporal events that have to happen. I considered in my mind that, “this is hardly the heart of a minister of the Gospel of which you claim to be. You know better and you need to get over this now”. I do not think I am any different than any other Christian at this time as we are all facing this crisis with many similar inner conflict of natural human emotions.

Grace to the Humble, Resistance to the Prideful

Then the remorse and reality of the whole situation came upon me as I came to my senses. I am a citizen of heaven first before any earthly one. I cried out to the Lord and said, I am sorry for the way I feel right now. I am hurting and angry but please Lord let me be the servant you want me to be. Right now I confess I am not. Change my heart and help me to be like you, because right now I am just stewing in my own human feelings and perception and I just want revenge. I was venting and I think we all have done this since election night. But we cannot let this become a root of bitterness that determines our attitude which then is reflected in our actions. The world does not need to see us venting out frustrations looking like sore losers and angry toward the liberal pagan Americans appearance of victory. Acting in such a worldly way and acting as they do is just what Satan is counting on and what the world expects. We have to give them the reflection of Jesus instead. Righteous indignation is correct and allowed in such a moment as this but we need help to overcome our natural human feelings first before we can even begin to discern the difference. Then the Lord can show us how to have a bold spirit led righteous indignation toward sin while able to supernaturally love the ignorant sinners. I say supernatural because this has to be a process that overrides our failed sin nature and condition. It is not natural and will not come about without our determined desire to seek out the Lord and be willing to change and be changed. We cannot do this by our own intellect or logic, we need Holy Spirit divine intervention, a help from above!

How do we do that!

I had to take the next day off from any counseling appointments or any contact with others at all. This had to be my alone time to receive from the Lord and get an attitude adjustment. In this present shape, I was in no condition to be of any good to myself or anyone and at least I knew it.

In this attempt to seek the Lord I was repentant and willing as I saw my own strength was helpless. This is humility that the Lord promises that he will give grace toward. Anything less is pride which he will resist and we will fall and fail. Setting my own emotions aside and knowing how the Lord does work, the process can be almost pragmatic and less painful. It is like the disciples after being told to eat and drink from Christ. They did not understand what Jesus meant by that, but they also realized there was nowhere else to go because Jesus was the manifested truth. With that bottom line understanding, they remained with the Lord and pressed forward. The Lord began to unwind my own lack of reasoning as I desired to stay and press on. Much of the corrective things he had to tell me were from a belief system that I have hid to some degree from others in the past. Having a ministry dealing with the supernatural and paranormal, it was hard enough to try to establish these truths to a skeptical unbelieving church which always responded with harsh rejection. So why put personal non essential doctrines into the mix making it even harder to hear these truths. Now I guess I have no choice as it becomes more important for our very survival in having a right heart before the Lord and a willingness to extend the boarders of doctrine for relevant answers.

What the Lord has shared with me that day to make me come to my senses, I now must share with you and others in hopes that it may help you also find a balance between your natural human feelings and grasp the bigger picture to a supernatural place we all need to be in. You may find some of these essential doctrinal foundations controversial to prior beliefs taught to you in your past. My response to your doubt is this, How are those things working for you today? If you are frustrated, angry or fearful, I would have to conclude your past perceptions and teachings aren't working so well for you in this moment are they? You need to tweak or stretch out your theology a bit to obtain the supernatural strength we can all draw upon from the scriptures. This flexibility can give you a foundational strength to have a change of heart, the determination to have the right attitude and above all sincere actions that will not only overcome these times personally for you and yours, but also exploit these events for others toward eternal life as they see the hope and promises coming from us as ambassadors to and for our Lord. (Dan 11:32)

Is this really the end times?

Many say they believe we are in the last days but how many of us actually live as if we were. Do we really believe it by attitude and actions?

Are current events right now leading up to the second coming of Christ? This is important because if they are, it means our reactions and actions are not going to be the same as what has been expected or directed to us at any other time in our past. This is unique from any other time with unique solutions and expectations from the Lord and His Word. So I ask again are we really in the end time events? Are these current events the birth pangs that lead to the second coming of Christ? If you say yes then you need to know that there are different marching orders for this time unlike any other time and we need to know what they are.

In the past, many men of faith were called upon to defend this country and go to war to fight. Today we have unfairly included male and females into this decision making process. This is one of the most hard pressing challenges a person could be put into but we all have this choice to make, “should a Christian fight?” Should we put ourselves in a position where we may have to take the life of another. This is so personal that I have never counseled anyone to a final answer or conclusion on the matter. Each one of us has to determine for themselves between the Lord and our own calling or destiny what we should or should not do. In our past I can say from personal experience that many men and women went to war prayerfully and was protected and provided for while in the service of our country. History would also indicate that these decisions were blessed by the Lord. I joined the Army before being drafted during the Vietnam War. I avoided the war overseas but I found myself in the missile defense system for the US. If I was called upon, I would have helped pressed the button toward a nuclear solution as part of a national defense system and this was something of a personal struggle I had to deal with all my time in the service. But what about today? What about the next four years? What are we to do if these are events that are leading to the second coming of our Lord?

Simple End Time guidelines

The dialog of events, reactions and taking action for the end-time scenario can be drawn out from several texts and viewed as instructions for proper behavior. This can be extrapolated backward in that if the end results of this “mystery of iniquity” require specific proper behavior, prior events leading to this time of fruition must also require the same mind set and response that eventually build up to this crescendo end.

I am going to reduce the guild-line verses to their basic requirements of cause, effect and action by using the most basic elements of conclusion with out injecting other doctrines that try to determine the specific mechanics as to who, when, why or how these requirements happen. In this simple form they happen and we are to respond as we are told to respond. We have to use this simplicity because too much man made assumptions based from rhetoric, humanistic logic and traditions unsupported by scripture have blinded us from the simplicity of employing attitude and response to any personal application of cause and effect. We are held accountable for knowing and applying these orders that ultimately serve to our own benefit. So let me spit it out.


Taking the highest road

In the final part of the last days, the Antichrist is allowed to make war on the saints to overcome them and kill them. Forget theology and traditional doctrine that seems to tell most of you, “Oh that is way down the line and we won't be here ,we will all be taken in the rapture if we are accounted worthy enough so we don't have to deal with all of that”. What a selfish self centered way to look at things. Before this text of scripture becomes the final reality, the spirit of Antichrist is already working to bring this conclusion. We then, going backward on any time line, need to see that the same actions that need to be taken at the conclusion must also be taken with prior end time events that lead to this conclusion. Understanding this need of a prior mindset, the escape clause of the rapture does not even become a factor for avoiding any hard times to come or the development of the right mental attitude to endure them.

We will all go through some hard times and are already experiencing them today. This is not God's wrath we are experiencing right now. When pagan America wants God out of our society, out of our schools, our culture, our coins and such, he is a gentleman and leaves. When God leaves so does his protection that was provided for us. Satan, the real enemy of God can now deal with the unprotected god rejecting masses as he desires, (Ezekiel 28:18) He comes with a fury and hatred and ravages whatever he can as this protective void has allowed him to do whatever he desires. We need to see our God as big enough to keep us safe through whatever challenges we may go through as there is an accountability issue here with the church. Before Pagan America or the world is judged by the Lord, the church has to be made ready to be used to guide others to him during this wrath of Satan. It simply God's last plea and mercy toward the ignorant. This is done by trying the faith of the saints and shaking up things that are man made and not inspired so only a solid foundation in him by his Word and Spirit remains. (1Pe4:17, Heb 12:26,27.) We will not go through God's wrath but we will certainly go through some of Satan's wrath as we are currently experiencing now. This is the only way to make a lump of coal into a diamond, heat and pressure not rapture.


Rev 12:11

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

This is the ultimate high road to take as being the saints of the Lord. We overcame this spirit of antichrist and the world it is creating by the blood of the Lamb. What does the blood of Christ speak to us about? It is our assurance of forgiveness and reconciliation to God. It is the security of our salvation that gives us the confidence to rely upon the next part, the word of our testimony. The word of our testimony is the fact that once we were dead in sin and our eyes were blind to the realities of this fallen world and the devices of Satan. Now they are open to see this reality and know the hope of promises that a new life and better residence in heaven with our God is the real eternal reality forever!. The word of our testimony is how and when we found the reality in Jesus and became “born again” entering a relationship with our creator by accepting the work of Jesus and receiving his Holy Spirit into our hearts. Paul writes that nothing or no “creature” can separate us from that relationship (Romans 8:38). No one can take that away from you. This is our confidence to have the resolve to endure hard times and hard decisions that may bring consequences even resulting in our own death. It is the confirmed reality that this physical death is only graduation day of your own completion into forever as a ruling member of God's family. A win win situation! You can't lose! Knowing this in your whole body, soul (your mind) and spirit, you are invulnerable to the illusions of this present world! But if because of doctrines or wrong teaching, you are uncertain about your position with the Lord and fearful that you could do something to be removed from His family, then how on earth will you have the resolve to stand to your death in resistance? Let me know how that works for you later OK? I do not even bother worrying about my salvation, it is secure and I am too busy serving the Lord trying to bring as many to him with me while I still can. It is reaffirmed again in last day commands described as our patience.

Rev 14:12

Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

Keeping the commandments in this context is not the burden of the Law and following it by the letter as some have tried to inject into this text. It is the specific commands of behavior during this unique time in history. These are the commands that create a restraint of carnal human level actions having the patience to trust in the promises of Jesus while knowing with confidence our position in him. This is not blind faith but a knowing faith established so we can act the Kingdom way that sometimes are the opposite of what human logic, assumed doctrines or man made rhetoric requires. This also is supported in the scriptures in the context of end time behavior and in a broader spiritual sense for everyone at all times.

Attitude: Survivalists or Servant


Luke 17:33

Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.

In the end time events it can be very literal resulting in physical life and death issues. In a spiritual sense it can mean dying to self and yielding to the kingdom way. I believe the full end time meaning is all about attitude. The concern to endure the hard times must have the right mental attitude and foundational reasons behind it. Many may reason that as a child of God, you and your family are entitled to and need to survive at almost any price for the sake of self preservation because God loves you and wants to help you through as if our lives were the most important element and object to survive physical death in these last days. But this is a survivalists attitude. It is selfish and directed only at ourselves. It is willing to compromise and operate in gray shaded areas for the ultimate goal of survival of life at all cost. The motivation is usually controlled by anxiety and fear - a work of the flesh.

Jesus said the greatest among you would be the servant. (Matt 23:11) Daniel 11:32 that attitude is also an end time promise and order:

Dan 11:32p

...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

The scriptures of Luke and Daniel combined tell us of this same process building up to the mental resolve. We know our Lord, we are secure in our relationship with him, our salvation and ultimate destiny in him is known, secure and absolute. What a stronghold that can be for an undying mental resolve to be bold. There is no fear of death or retribution, rejection and no mental anxiety. We know we are free to kick in the gates of hell as no weapon formed against us can prosper we are safe as a servant until it is time for us to go home. The promise is not 70 virgins or any such carnal thing but spiritual. Trusted with much you will be given all the more in the way of trust to rule with the Lord forever! How much more awesome could that ever be? We only have the burning desire to be used by him in these hard times. Our emotions are only preoccupied with selfless servitude to see more brothers and sisters created from one time enemies. In my youth as a new Christian in the early 70's when the pre-tribulation rapture was taught with no other option, I begged the Lord, ”Please leave me behind so I can help others come to you during this tribulation period. I know others who have asked the same thing. Do you know how much that blessed the heart of God? I just know that brought him to tears of joy. If we are preppers storing up vital needs of food medicine perhaps even a safe location, we do it as servants not survivalists. It is the attitude that is different. A servant will not have the fear in these times as they see clearly that they are in a win win situation. Live or die they are servants in the Lord's hand to be used by him in all things. Supplies are like a flowing river of grace. The more I give away the more I will be given. Why is this so? Because the Lord can trust me I am a servant of His kingdom first and foremost. I do not hoard and hold back real needs with an arsenal of guns and ammo. I give expecting that more is on the way knowing that I cannot ever out give God. Grace is like a river, the more I give the more I am resupplied many times supernaturally by circumstances but always provided for. Always.

However this is no excuse to be a rug to be stepped on by evil people (might include a gun for defense). Discernment can be natural and some are more adept than others but it can also be a supernatural gift going beyond mere human perception. We are to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove this fine line is a balance only a developed personal spirit led life will be able to discern. Practice and development comes by being doers of the Word today to have wisdom for tomorrow. It does not depend on assumed prophetic end time doctrines of events. This kind of wisdom only comes from obedience and growing more and more dependent upon the Lord to supply our needs as things and society start breaking down and no one else can help you out but the Lord. Folks in spite of what Joel Olstien says, society is breaking down and over indulgent prosperity is not a sign of godliness. Why do you think so many of us have gone from one ordeal to another? This is on the job training for when everything breaks down you will have experience and wisdom to know how to tackle the worst of times.



Rev 22:11

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” KJV


The above scripture is very important and not understood by most and never preached today. We need to understand this statement as it relates to America on a whole and also to the individuals living in America and actually the entire world population in these last days. Most people no matter what happens are going to reject the Lord and curse him even fighting against him when he does return. I have been called a defeatist passing on negativity in what I am going to present next. I have said about four years ago that America is already under judgment. You can hope, wish and quote 2Chronicles 7:14 all you want. This was a promise like all promises that is conditional. It is not for everyone anytime. There comes a time in any nations history that when God is dealing with them to repent where there is a tipping point. In that I mean there is a time when the patience of the Lord is taxed and the only thing left is judgment. Even in this, there is mercy as judgment for some and it will cause a repentance and for others a hardness against God even further. It goes back to sheep and goats, wheat and tares. This is a reality most do not want to accept at face value. There has always been more tares and goats then the small remnant sheep and wheat. This my friend is a Biblical fact. Many try to spiritualize the parable of the wheat and tares as half of this reality is literal and half is spiritual. I have challenged anyone in the last 38 years show me chapter text and verse where this is true. There are no scripture to state that assumed difference, only man made rhetoric. Both are literal. People want to take the literal meaning and make it into something else because of the theological uncomfortable conclusions that come from that thought.


Divorce the Tare nation

Wheat and tares as a nation will be dealt with in the last days according to Jesus in that parable.

You can disagree with me if you want but soon you are going to realize you are just disagreeing with the Lord and his will and word. America is dead, it will not come back and to remain in denial in hopes of some kind of turn around is like trying to revive a dead body. It is only going to make you even more frustrated and angry. You are living in Zombieland the outer veneer may look alive but the essence within is dead. Deal with it and divorce yourself from the this inner corer death. In spite of this coming judgment and the majority of tares with it, a remnant will respond. There will be revival. The revival will not turn around America on a whole we are beyond that now. America has a double destiny. One was designed by Satan using the rich elite and secret societies, the other was designed by the Lord for his Church. America will go down but in the process not without a spiritual fight and last big hurah of victory. This last big outpouring of the Holy Spirit will turn the whole world upside down with a global outpouring to a faithful remnant on a global scale such as the world has never seen before. That is the good news but it is still a remnant in contrast to the world population of almost 7 billion.

I have grieved enough over My America that I loved and now am in the process of divorcing my feelings from this present Pagan reality of America that is only going to get worse. The German Christian believers had to do the same thing in the mid 30's as Hitler took control and gave his version of hope and change to Germany and the rest of the world.


SheepWheat and TareGoats: So what about Evangelism ?

This same emotional separation must take place on an individual level also and will influence the way we evangelize in these last days. Take a look again at Revelation 22:11 This goes right along with the wheat and tares of Matthew 13:24-30. Both wheat and tare seeds look identical. Even as young plants you cannot tell them apart. Just before harvest they produce a “topping out” of seeds and look completely different. Two human groups will do the same in the last days. There will be a gathering by the Holy Spirit uniting one group, God's elect. Another movement will gather the tares in a same but opposite manner by unholy spirits as the other group, followers of the Antichrist system and man. (Probably the new Age movement, Satanic Ritualistic Abuse and their manipulation of humans on a physical level with combined apostate Christianity and all other religions as an ecumenical revived Holy Roman empire movement addressing the social, economic, physical and spiritual gathering. The two groups divided will become obvious. Without getting into long held debates on doctrinal divisions, the parable is plain and simple. Two separate seeds reach maturity to reveal differences only revealed in the last days. And what is implied by Rev 22? A divorcing of emotion, striving and futile attempt to change things must be understood by the elect as they will not change events and destiny on a global level as most will only get worse in behavior and more solid in their plan of world dominion. The faithful remnant will be able to overcome this frustrating time by the Holy Spirit of God. We are told to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. One heart at a time some will be won over as they were meant to be as part of the elect. We do not assume the outcome, nor get discouraged by low amounts of response, we do it simply out of obedience: it is what we are told to do minus doctrine or theological positions. Why does it say creature and not person? Because both are physical impacting all of life on all levels. It does not say we will discern who is who and it is not for us to ever know only the Lord knows who is his own. We are to proclaim to everyone (The Greek does mean created things like animals but in the sense of a sentient beings.) and we let God sort them out. This holds true no matter what doctrinal camp you stand in.

You have not failed if you did not close a deal on leading someone or hundreds to the Lord, their blood is not on your hands but you to have to try to tell others as prompted the hope that is within you in Christ. Jesus is not an encyclopedia or Amway product that you must close a deal on. You plant a seed, water what might be there and the Lord does the rest if anything at all can be done at all that is His job not your. In always doing what is right in spite of the odds or assumed outcome just obey , it is all the Lord expects in these last days. Many evil things like the fall of America are predestined to happen and there is nothing you can do about that except abide faithfully in the kingdoms ways and try to make the most of it. This emotional detachment does not make you an uncaring sociopath. It may cause you to weep as Jesus did looking over Jerusalem as he saw what was going to happen in 70 years from his current view. I am sure that was some of the strength he was able to draw upon to endure the cross. We may also do the same but the detachment gives us the knowledge that evil times are coming and everyone was given a fair chance to repent and know what is to come. It gives us the peace to know we did do our part the best that was required.

Finally we need to close with the idea of defense for ourselves and our families. What is allowed if anything at all and how can we know?

Protection and a second best alternative?

Rev 13:9-10

If any man have an ear, let him hear.

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.


I truly believe I have the Spirit in the understanding of this text of scripture. To lead or go into captivity is not literally prisoners in a physical sense. The Lord knows that this matrix of our fallen world in regards to eternal matters, is a big illusion that will eventually come to a total end. But we who live in it as a mortal existence, does seems very real. It is easy for us to get caught up in the temporal events and history and in that sense we can be held captive and then subject to it's cause effects of temporal results that in many cases is in direct conflict to the bigger eternal picture and will of God. In the Lord's mercy he fully understands this human frailty and has made a secondary lesser choice for us to take. If these threatening events cause us to take things into our own hands and we are forced to use violence to defend our loved ones, we have not caused us to be kicked out of God's family or any loss of salvation but we have maybe shortened and altered our destiny.

Let me put it into a practical situation. We certainly are not to go looking for trouble in a state of marshal law or total anarchy. It is very likely however that with the best of peaceful intentions trouble may find us. What do we do. I think we have an option. The highest ground to take is to be a martyr for ourselves or our loved ones. This would take a supernatural Spirit led power to see past earthly events to maybe watch our loved ones raped or killed before our eyes. There may be some at that moment who could have this kind of love and power to have this kind of victory. It has been put into every man to be protective to their wives and children as with a Mothers to have a protective instinct for her children. All life confirms this natural instinct. The promise and warning here is that by defending you or yours in such a situation you have not lost your salvation or position with the Lord but you will reap what you have sown. To live by the sword, you will die in the same manner. Gun, sword it has the same results. Your destiny, ministry and purpose may have been altered and shortened but you are still His with all the eternal promises still part of your inheritance. I do not think any of us will know what we will do if we find ourselves in that situation. It certainly is more relaxing to know we may have this option. I know for me it takes much fear away for my loved ones. I am already determined that if trouble finds me in this kind of way I will be sending the4se perpetrators directly to God via a 7.62 lead implant.

In closing, I hope this long article was worth the time to read and that it may offer you peace, rest and the removal of anger and any frustration to face the future in America with an abundance of God's grace to be bold against sin and love the ignorant sinner.

In His Service, Jim W. :o)