I was sick this mourning and stayed in bed most of the day. I woke up to the TV and heard the announcement of today's horrible tragedy. I'm an ex-biker and I don't mind telling you I broke out crying.





My anguish for the children, parents and family's who have just suffered such a needless senseless loss turned to disgust and anger as the announcers are just simply baffled as how such a thing can happen. I am sure that in a few days as the experts are asked, guns and the ease of obtaining guns will become the evil victim of the day.

The godless pagans of this country will never add the simple arithmetic and will never be held accountable that this is their fault (at least not in this life). When you ask or demand through law that God or any mention of God must leave your society and country including public schools God is a gentleman and leaves. What the libtard idiots who make up these new enlightened rules do not understand is the spiritual fact that we have a real devil who hates God and mankind. When God leaves as asked or commanded to do so, he is a gentleman and will not force himself upon anyone so he leaves. But, so does his protection because we just rejected him and all he had to offer us. It is a package deal. These horrible things then do not happen because of a God who is being jealous or angry, they happen because the powers of hell have just been loosed upon an ignorant god rejecting people who Satan hates and are now unprotected from Satan's wrath and whatever he feels like doing to them.


The saddest thing of all is the first victims are always the most innocent that had nothing to do with the god rejecting laws or ideas that were implemented against everyone. In some ways these things may appear random. They were not. They were chosen because of their innocence and special love and feelings we as humans have for children and above all the special feelings God has for his babies. Today was such an example of this kind of insane hatred. The most innocent and beloved by man and God were the victims of an insane rebel to God and Man. They did nothing to deserve this except have the innocence to love life and their God whatever their young minds were able to know and understand of him.

 They were martyrs of love. The Lord has a special reward for that and his children will not be forgotten or unrewarded. I guess in many ways that is what makes heaven heaven. Please be comforted by this promise. If you write me I can back up and support by God's word each thing I am telling you here.



As an experienced minister used to kicking demons out of people and  homes there are consistent patterns. It is always the result of someone in the family that played with an Ouija board or now, even video games but some form of occult god rejecting action that  invoked the powers of darkness into that home. Most of the time this was never done on purpose but from ignorance to spiritual laws. If I jump off a cliff I will be subject to the results regardless of my beliefs or denial of gravity I am still subject to the results of a real law. This one person and their decision unfortunately but willingly influences the entire family and make all possible victims the easy and most vulnerable are usually the first just as predators are in real life. This is probably why Paul described Satan as a roaring lion seeking out whom he may devour.

Now when I say pagans, I am not meaning some dark hooded members of secret societies meeting in the groves at night plotting to take over the world by magic.


Now the real pagans who are at fault are everyday people held in high esteem by most of our society. They are the God rejecting “expert" health professionals, psychiatrist and lawmaker who feel they have a better way and new improved methods to build a better society.


They are the ones who say spanking a child deeply wounds them and turns them into anti social people. They are the ones that say video games like Halo, Black Opps or World of Warcraft doesn't really create violent behavior they are simply role playing games to enhance ones imagination. And it does! These pagan libtards have given us a society that causes a child to play out the role of massive killing without any moral compass because kids are not grown up in Sunday schools anymore but on TV cartoons filled with this occult garbage then progress into the video games and reinforced by these pagan experts. And just as the family that allowed occult activity in their home from an innocent game of an Ouija board or any other forbidden occult activity, we all suffer and usually the most precious innocent members of that family fall as victims first. Our nation is that family and the ignorant abusers are the godless experts and lawmakers we look to for guidance. And these poor innocent children the most precious of our society have become once again the first victims. When people! When will you add up 1 and 1 that equals 2. Man seeking God who provides and gives us all we need not pagan god rejecting experts that know nothing of spiritual laws or the negative results of ignoring them. It is not guns that are killing people it is our own blind stupid god rejecting faith in godless self appointed experts. These are they who are the twice dead the blind leading the blind. How many more events like this have to happen until we see that as a people we should be seeking our God with their our whole heart and repent for our unbelief or ignorance  to spiritual laws and real spirit enemies. Then we can be set free from this madness. My heart and prayers go to all of you who have suffered today, In Jesus name Lord help them all get through this.