Finding the Fortress of

ANU. by Jim Wilhelmsen written 4/2011+ 12/2013

Notice: This trip was taken in March of 2011. I hesitated posting this after more than supernatural resistance and intervention from the Lord to, for some reason wait. I think that time is over. After a near death health issue and reflecting on my future, I feel it necessary to post what I found and also what I did not find in the hopes that someone in the future may carry on where I left off. This trip and the Stephenville, Texas trip of 2009 with combined findings have put me in a bad spot with the powers that be who ever that might be. This of course will only result with any possible consequences, if and when anyone actually believes or takes me seriously and so far that has not happened. So here goes:

Three weeks ago I just came back from a trip to the most remote areas of the Arizona desert and at 60 my bones are still aching. I discovered one thing, I am no Indiana Jones. That area of adventure and study is going to be left to a younger generation. I was aided by my youngest son David James Wilhelmsen (30 years old) an up and coming researcher ) and Erik Smith also an up and coming researcher (34 years old) whom is also a monitor of our chat room and soon to be author. They have the youth, physical stamina and mental fortitude to go where most are not willing or able to go. We were assisted by a volunteer guide who by trade is a Herpetologists. (A reptile guy). He knew the Arizona desert like the back of his hand.














David James Wilhelmsen                             Our Guide:
He who's name we do not speak     

                                                                                      and who's image we do not show show                                                                                                                                                                         Erik Smith



I knew enough from living in Roswell NM that the desert can be a very dangerous place if you do not know where you are going or how to live in that environment safely knowing  the dangers that lurk there. Our guide has done some work for local police and so we cannot mention his name or record his face on any of our documentation. We jokingly called him, “ he who's name we do not speak or image we do not record.” He was invaluable to our mission and helped as an extension of the Lord's hand in keeping us safe and secure in an otherwise inhospitable trail that we were on. 


So where did I come up with the Fortress of Anu and why would I trek out into the remote desert on a wild goose chase, looking for something I may not find...ever?! This trip was an extension of some of my work based on the late David Flynn's work as recorded in his Book, “Cydonia The Secret Chronicles of Mars”. This book has so much information and depth that it will probably take another ten years for most people to fully appreciate it's rich content. Whenever man may set foot on Mars, Dave's book will become a matter of life or death to many in a spiritual sense. I will try to encapsulate in brief a portion of the content and recent discoveries by David Flynn that fit into my own work and led to this trip.

Cydonia Mars surface                                                                                                                        Overlay with map of Canterberry UK

David Flynn believes that Mars was an outpost for the fallen angelic host who descended upon Mt Hermon during the Genesis 6 incursion. He describes the mirror effect that has a great occult significance to the term, “ as above so below” concept. The face, city and pyramids alleged to have been recorded on the surface of Mars in the area called Cydonia has an exact equal arrangement on the earth in several places. This mirroring effect can also exist on earth in another way from the East to the West.

I am over simplifying this whole concept but it is necessary for you to just be familiar with the general idea or an entire book would have to be written for any detail. I hope you can bear with me on this.

Soon after David's book was published in 2002 and released, a crop circle appeared in Winchester, England known as the Crabwood Glyph. This is the now famous picture of a crop circle depicting an Alien Gray holding a disk. This crop circle was a copy of a commercial icon created by David Flynn's brother Mark back in the mid 90's in a tongue in cheek ad for his Computer related business. David noticed that within the sphere, was an American computer codex looking more like a glyph,  being held by the “gray Alien”. He and his brother who's profession is in computer cryptology for the US government, deciphered the meanings of this encryption. Another long story short, using mathematical formulas I am not going to pretend to understand, Dave and Mark determined dates corresponding to coordinates of latitude and longitude using the French based prime meridian. The glyph had 33 lines with encoded information. From all of this Dave had realized that on the 33.3 or near this latitude line many events have appeared throughout history.









Along this 33.3 degree line  is where the first connection was made to the Roswell NM UFO crash in 1947 with Mt Hermon of ancient Phoenicia. This was the location where the fallen ones first appeared according to the book of Enoch which is now modern day Lebanon. On this same 33.3 degree line is the connection to where these beings were immortalized as the gods and goddesses of all empires that existed on the earth signified by the tower of Babel in Baghdad, Iraq. This was all revealed from their work from the glyph like encoded disk. The number 33 in occult terms is the highest level of human knowledge that can be attained in this life, so says the occult and the Masons. That is why the highest level of Masonic membership is 33 degrees.


They had determined that on the 33.28 degree latitude by 104 longitude in 1947 , something historical happened. This of course was the UFO crash of 1947 in Corona just north of Roswell NM. Their conclusion was that this event was planned by the powers of darkness and not just a random accident.


The Roswell Connection

In 2004 David and Mark Flynn, and a few others went into the desert in NM and marked that spot and blew the Shofar to prayerfully take back Roswell for the glory of the Lord. I lived in Roswell then but had to work that mourning and I could not make the event. Since 2003 for 7 years there was a Biblical Christian presence in Roswell standing in the gap to the lies and deceit existing there with the UFO/Alien agenda. Dave Ruffino my ministry partner, went to the event and recorded it. He made a CD copy and sent it to me a few years later in 06. The very day it came I already knew I would be leaving Roswell to go back to Michigan. I had been praying to the Lord to show me where in His Word the significance of the Roswell crash existed. I believed in David and Mark Flynn's work and I figured that something this important had to be mentioned in the Bible somewhere. I wanted to show the residents of Roswell the importance of this historical event and the impact it has made on the whole world. Something this big just had to be in the scriptures.

I saw first hand the corruption of thoughts and destroyed faith in God that the International UFO Museum along with the carnival atmosphere of Roswell's friendly and cute aliens had created for people from all over the world. They had to know or have a chance to know how important this was to Satan and stand in the gap themselves against these is their responsibility as a local church of that community to do so! I failed to do my part to reach out to the local church in Roswell. My focus of ministry was toward the lost seekers and unaware Christians searching of answers about the UFO /Alien phenomena. I pretty much ignored the Church in Roswell for their rejecting me and the ministry I had.

          My store in Roswell
You see all the time I was there I received little to no support from the local churches. You would think that a city overwhelmed with the UFO/Alien lies, the Christian community there would want to know or understand what the Bible had to say about these matters. Roswell is no different that the rest of the world and just a microcosm of it. There is so much commercial profit from tourism that the ears of many are deafened by the financial pressure of survival in a small desert town that does not have much more going for its general populace.                                              

On the day I got the CD I just answered an e-mail from someone wanting to know about Zachariah 5. In my correspondence with him something in that text caught my attention. In this text was a woman in a basket being set down in Shinar the place of two rivers by two female angelic beings. I put the CD in and watched the event wishing I could have been there. Going back to study Zachariah 5 further, I realized that basket also meant measurement. Something at that moment went off like a light bulb, an epiphany you might say as a revelation from the Lord. MEASUREMENT! This was connected to the CD I just watched! The purpose of this placement of the woman in the basket was to set a firm foundation for her where, from this place an image would go forth to deceive the whole world. This image was the cover for the basket, a metallic disk. This is where the whole text came alive to me and I realized that in a rule of duplicity, in the prophet's own time the Hebrew words were describing the economy based on the shekel (a round, flat  metallic coin) and the advantage Babylon had taken over the entire world. But there was a prophetic replay of this same text of scripture for the last days and it was speaking about the Roswell crash, the resulting deception was the woman, a false religious system as the whore of Babylon.

It was her message proclaimed under the cover story of the round flat metallic disk or, a crashed UFO!! It went out from there to deceive the whole world! Months earlier in 1947 Jack Parson's, L Ron Hubbard with other occult initiates invoked the powers of darkness in a program called Babylon Working in the desert of California. They were trying to compel the "whore of Babylon" to appear. They claimed to have opened a portal where something came out from it. A possible connection?  I think so.


New Mexico Plains                        Planes of Shinar Iraq

I noticed that the plains of Shinar in Iraq with the two rivers Euphrates and Tigress was a place of two rivers or Shinar meaning just that. a land of two rivers. Roswell is located in the same terrain on a plain  surrounded by mesas, mountains and plateaus with the Pecos and Rio Grand rivers merging almost in the same place as in the East. Could this be representing the New Babylon of Atlantis here in America? A same but opposite pattern? I think so!


Jesus mentioned he saw Satan as lightning fall from heaven Luke 10:18 Fall here in that text, means to flit like a leaf falling much like the flight pattern of modern day UFOs. He also said his own return would be as lightening coming from the east shinning toward the west. (Matthew 24:27). In a same but opposite pattern Satan with his Antichrist could come from the east and reflect toward the west in that same pattern. In all of this could we expect a mirror of topography and same events that happened in the east to reoccur in the west. Is there a mirror of the east toward the west? Again, I say Yes!


Based on that assumption, I then decided that it was only logical to measure the top of the summit of Mt Hermon to the location assumed by most Archeologists to be where the Tower of Babel once stood. A problem with that is there are three locations within the limits of Baghdad Iraq where that could be and no one knows for sure. I then took a point of reference most common to all three and decided that within that area of 30 to 50 miles was the eastern location of 496 miles between these two points. One point, Mt Hermon is where the fallen ones first appeared and the other point is where they were immortalized as the gods and goddesses of all empires that ever existed on earth at the Tower of Babel in Iraq.


Believing according to the scriptures, that the fallen ones would reappear in the last days in the west as a “second coming” that mirrors the eastern events, I then projected this measurement from the point of their return which was the crash site location determined by Dave and Mark Flynn. The crash site represents their initial return but the terrain is the same as where they were immortalized as gods. It would mean that another place mirroring Mt Hermon would be where the rest of an entire army hoard of now disembodied spirits would be repaired and resurrected according to Daniel 2:43 and Job 26:6. Believing in an old and New Babylon, these connections could be found in the Word. This Babylon connection of old and new took me to Genesis 1 and the story of the tower of Babel under the leadership of Nimord. I looked to Genesis 10 with the mention of the beginning of Nimrod's kingdom of five cities. Realizing a “sod” (a Hebraic method of an encrypted message within a message) may exist in this text of scripture, I looked up the meaning of the cities on the plain of Shinar that composed of the power structure of Nimrod's kingdom of that time. Much like Chuck Missler did with the names from Adam to Noah describing the gospel in a nutshell. The same message of name meanings spelled out a prophetic story. This type of hidden message within a message is called a "sod" and is part of a Jewish form of writing. Using many different reference materials on Word etymology here is a possible read out of Babylon and it's resurrection using the names of the citries and the location of them in the land of Shinar.  

Babel = confusion by mixing (not only confusing God's intended creation by genetic mixing but a mulit-cultural society believing in the diversity lie)

Erech = drawn out length to prolong life (Drawn out is the best description of extrusion or genetic splicing to create an eternal physical life form not jj              not  just flesh and blood that died in the flood))

Accad = a fortress of Anu hidden (A hidden place of resurrection by mixing their seed with men in the last beast empire)

Calneh = all of them completed in a wide open place (Abomination of desolation with the body as the temple being done in a wide open p                     place. i.e. like a desert.)

Shinar = split open gate the land of two rivers ((a crossing over from one dimension to another and from spirit b

This is loosely translated by in most cases compound roots and variations of word use by using Strong's numbers, Vines Notes and Brown- Drivers- Briggs Lexicon.  Some of them are debatable by many scholars with original meanings in a few cases are unknown and are lost in time. I say this only to be as honest as I can here so this is not as conclusive as other applications can be but still has merit and worth considering. If this work can be the correct meanings  and the application of this "Sod" is admissible, it is truly  amazing that this is defiantly alluding to Genetic manipulation with a description of Geographic's that seem to line up with this mirror image of the original Babylon and other Biblical descriptions within the rule of duplicity. Next, to understand names and the layout of Arizona we need to understand more on the ancient God Anu as we are looking for his "Fortress"

Who is ANU? 









An or Anu Sumerian/Babylonian                   Anubis coming to America in 2010                                                 Hermes Greek god                    Mercury Roman god

An or Anu was the Sumerian/Babylonian god who created all of the other “star gods” the Anunakki. In Sumerian mythology, the Anunakki came from the heavens but now reside in the underworld. This parallels with the Biblical description of these same fallen ones who came from heaven and now reside in Hell. Anu is said to be the leader and creator of all of the other Gods. He was also the god of judgment. Related in other cultures because of an Isis/Osirus inter-connectedness Anu is Anubus of Egypt, god of the underworld and caretaker of the dead and resurrection. The same deity as Hermes the healer and restorer in Greek mythology, (where we use his symbol of the Caduceus as the medical staff) and the same god becomes Mercury the swift messenger and god of commerce and trade in the Roman culture. These all have important connections to the occult trail we were on. The various attributes define together the various functions of Mercury and a complete description of technologies that provide Satan's own answer to the two lies from the garden of Eden. We will get back to a deeper meaning of Mercury later.

The Mirror Effect in the West

By making the measurement distance from the Roswell Crash site heading West 496 miles took me to a topography similar to that of Mt Hermon.
This exact reference point put me at the base of the Eagle Tail Mountain range in a remote area of the Sonora desert just outside of Phoenix Arizona which is also on the 33.3 line. Directly above that point of reference is the next nearest city, get this, Bagdad Arizona! Was that a coincidence? I do not think so. This can be explained by understanding the occult mind.


Two occult practices used by all secret societies and mystery schools throughout all of mankind's history are called Toponomy, the use of place arrangements using both symbolic names and geometrically significant areas on the earth and onomatonomy the use of names in ritualism related to the so called gods and goddesses and the heaven-earth alignment. These applications are part of the belief of imitating the speaking out of creation called Heku magic. It is the empowerment of describing and depicting what is to be done before it is accomplished usually hidden in plain sight but observable in most cases, only to those who can understand. This process must be done in order to obtain the power from the ethereal realm into controlling the physical ream in the occult mindset. The arrangements of Washington DC and Canterbury England are examples of a mirror to Cydonia Mars using this occult method. Arizona and New Mexico are also  examples of this kind of occult arrangement.


The Masons have what is called the 1st degree Tracing Board. It looks like a Taro Card with a variety of symbols on it. This is a template for reproducing the above two encrypted methods to lay out a geographical area occult style. It is a key to understanding how an entire story and location can be placed in plain sight but hidden to anyone not understanding this occult process. The entire state of Arizona reads out a story and place according to this Masonic template. Arizona speaks of death and resurrection and related to this "Fortress of Anu" which is alluding to an underground genetic research lab. New Mexico does the same but speaks of encounter and acceptance in the "land of enchantment" with surrounding names like the Devils inkwell, bottomless lake, Two rivers dam and so much more all speaking of a supernatural encounter, and entrance into something new by this second coming from the Roswell Crash.

Meanwhile back in Arizona,

In the upper left hand corner is the person of authority. In Arizona looking on google earth, at Yucca Arizona you can view the local airport. It is a pyramid with an eye in the middle. A road alludes to this eye as the eye of Horus. This alludes to the coming Antichrist. On the right hand corner is the place of authority. In Arizona we have Flagstaff Arizona. A flag represents the ownership or occupying group in that place. Just below Flagstaff as if this is the flag planted into the territory below is Sedona, Arizona which is the same as Sidon, Phoenicia or Cydonia, Mars.

Just below Sedona is Phoenix, Arizona related to ancient Phoenicia and the myth of the bird that crashes burns and from the ashes,  raised from the dead it becomes more powerful than ever before. Resurrection is the topic at hand and the allusion to a mockery of our Lord's 1st mission. To the west of that we have Bagdad, Arizona there only industry there is a copper mine. Steve Quayle may have more to comment on that one. My son is accomplished in Meso-American studies and added that many of the earlier Indian folklore tell of tales of the Copper Giants. Copper because of their use and mining of copper, Giants because of their 7' to 12' size all of which are  blond and mostly red hair Caucasians. Bagdad is on the foothills of the Aquarian Mountains. This is of course, telling us that the new New Age is on the doorsteps of the second Bagdad of Babylon providing the elements essential to rebuilding and restoring the fallen ones of Genesis 6.

Bagdad in the foothills of the
Aqurian Mts





Mark Flynn told me that the local Native Indians (Apache)  living  in that area were told through oral traditions by their shamans to go directly south to the place of the eagle and they would encounter their “star gods”. This path of 113.20 degrees longitude 75 miles south at 33.28 is the spot I located as my focus point at the foothills of the Eagle Tail mountains or the, " place of the eagle". Next to this point is Courthouse Rock! Another possible connection to Anu as the judge. The Indian glyphs like the Egyptian hieroglyphics were the first written occult based language. These hieroglyphics and oral traditions contain memories of the ancient pre-flood giants and even recent encounters with prophetic warnings of their return as a powerful force in the last days of earth. Unfortunately in many cases they are portrayed as deliverers. This is a history that is part of the cultural aspects of most American native tribes and are loaded with the same occult meanings telling of the same story of death and resurrection. The city of Prescott may reflect another dimension of our history and the hidden secrets of occult societies connected to this. Prescott Bush a member of the Skull and Bones secret society allegedly stole the skull of Geronimo. Geronimo's tribal origin was in the southern part of Arizona . His skull was added as a major icon of the organization. The membership includes many of the rich elite of America with the claims of a fascist plan to take over America from within. In his time, Prescott's family funded and helped Hitler and the Nazi quest for global control. They were the occult society that desired to restore Atlantis. My claim is that the Nazi's were the first national effort to restore the technology and people from before the flood. This is the tie to our quest as many of the paperclip scientists came from Nazi Germany to America to continue this quest and why the city of Prescott is part of the appointed geography here in Arizona.


What exactly can the Fortress of Anu be?

The last remaining  Giants after the flood that were not destroyed by Joshua and Caleb, we are told, they had escaped this genocide and fled into the camp of the Philistines. This is where we later read of the giant Goliath and the young Sheppard David destined to become king and from who's genetic line Jesus would come from. There they had their famous face off and it didn't fare to well for Goliath. The Philistine nation was a constant pain and rival always at war with Israel. The tribe neighbor to them was the tribe of Dan who was greatly used to punish the Philistines. The Philistines had their strength as a nation with a well placed political alliance of a five city fortification called the Pentapolis. This five point city also relates to the city fortifications of the earlier empire of Babylon during the building of the Tower of Babel construction as mentioned before. In Isaiah 14: 29 ( I give a breakdown of this text in my book)  could tell us that in the last days, a genetic extrusion creates a shell for the serpent to hide in at the hands of whoever the modern Philistines are in conjunction to the tribe of Dan. This process is also described in Job 26:6 as a repair or restoration of the Rapha or ghosts of the giants. This same activity is also mentioned in Dan 2:43 as taking place in the last beast empire that had two divisions or parts to it. They were once opposed to each other but became allies working on the same agenda of mixing their seed with men. My claim is that the modern Philistines are the Germans, the founding fathers of America came from the tribe of Dan. These are the two nations opposed that became as one from operation paperclip and the Gehlen organization at the end of WWII. At the fall of the third Reich, the spoils of war were taken into America and transformed us into becoming like our enemy. The very thing Joshua and Caleb were warned not to do as they conquered the giant tribes. In America the Nazi influence changed the OSS  into the CIA a Nazi restructuring of our entire intelligence operations was created and given a new building the Pentagon. This highest level of defense, a place  where these Army of Idols as illustrated as the abomination that makes desolate mentioned in Dan 7 would have it's replay in 70 Ad warned by Jesus and in the future as Paul describes which my claim is right now, here in Arizona. The Pentagon may be the illustration of the current presence of the modern Philistine in America in the revived Babylon leading the way to restoration and resurrection of this new age from the pre-flood days. Just as Jesus said that, " as in the days of Noah so shall it be for the coming of the son of man"  The connections cannot be made up and have all the earmarks of an occultist design and plan. In my book, "Beyond Science Fiction" I have all of the scriptures to support these wild sounding claims.

So all of these dots connected and supported with these many scriptures demanded that we seek out and find this underground genetics lab or factory where this is happening as  the Fortress of Anu. Since 2006 when I first prayerfully had all of this research and scriptures come together I had wanted to make this trip but lacked the finances or the help to even seriously consider such a thing. In a radio interview explaining my desire to some day make a trip based on this research, two men came to the aid. First a man who wants to remain anonymous from the Netherlands contributed enough money to supply four people and all of the supplies and equipment to make this trip a reality. Within a week apart, another man offered to be our guide. The sudden financial support and practical help of a guide caused us to plan the search for this “Fortress of Anu”.  I concluded that this fortress of Anu was an underground Genetics research, development and possible holding tank for a real Army of Darkness complex. Through the Frankenstein technologies of cloning, trans-humanism, Nanobot and cybernetics, by a combined fallen angelic host, military and NWO elite, this unholy alliance are creating the ultimate invincible army or so they think.

From a careful planned compartmentalization (the Nazi way) by the highest echelon most involved probably do not even know what is really happening. While many lower levels of workers on this project think they are helping to create the ultimate solder keeping American troops from harm against the new wars of terrorism, they believe they are doing their patriotic duty. These are not bad people working with the powers of darkness they are deceived people thinking they are serving God and country. Also, many of the elite on a much higher level are told that they are working with “Aliens” and their technology is being used in a needed alliance for the same higher purpose. However the highest level whatever that might be, are the ones who know they are working for the, " god of this world" and are helping to fulfill Bible prophecy and the physical return of the hybrid offspring of Genesis 6. In their deluded thinking, they believe they are going to come to a different conclusion as the final winners against God. This whole process is being done in the same but opposite manner as what the Lord has already done and is going to do. I have all of this backed by scripture on a 6 hour DVD series I am selling on my web site with this part being at the end of the series. It will also be the theme of my follow up book Way Beyond Science Fiction.

So what did we find on this trip? 

Our first stop after arriving in Phoenix was to Sedona. Sedona is to the New Age movement as Roswell is to the UFO community. Sedona has always been an upscale artist community where many of the well known American artists have a winter home or permanent residence. Sedona is also known for the intersecting lay lines where vortexes of energy are said to create healing power, visions and many other paranormal experiences. It is also a place known where people nightly can see UFOs in the skies above. This has become a community of those who share in the New Age beliefs and along with the art community has become the place for Psychics, Channelers and many other New Age leaders and authors to congregate and have also taken up permanent residence. It is in a real way a center for the New Age believers and by that has created an architecturally beautiful upscale community that is inviting for all. We found the cheapest clean Motel (125.00 a night! There is no such thing as a Motel 6 or Budget Inn in Sedona) and stayed the night. In the early mourning my son the nature nut got up before the rest of us and went on a photo shoot trip. He found a black window right outside of our door entrance and captured a National Geographic quality shot of the spider and it's web. With an eye for nature here are a few other things he found.









Normally my son is not the early riser but the chance to find things like this in the early hours was more than enough motivation to get up and out. When the rest of us finally got up around 6:00am we set out to look for breakfast before we did anything else.

We passed by the Red Planet Diner. It reminded me of Dave Flynn and his book Cydonia The secret Chronicles of Mars. I thought how amazed he might be to find such a place in Sedona Arizona, a place of red soil and mountains but also filled with the paranormal. It was as if someone read his book and came up with the restaurant idea. I told everyone we just had to go back there to have breakfast. I filmed the place as we entered and then we had an amazing divine appointment. It was in the form of a most unusual waiter, John S. This is where the whole thing became a bad script from a 50's B rate sci-fi movie.

John wanted to know after we ordered our food (10.00 for a hamburger and fries!) if we planned to go hiking anywhere during our stay. We told him our intent was to look for those people who believed they were going to be air lifted up from Sedona by UFOs to safety before the coming catastrophes. He knew of them and called them the ascentchiants. He told us they were a rather small group that would be hard to find today as they were out of town on a trip. This was Sedona so the topic on hand was not unusual for this town. He then warned us not to go to a few places hiking in search of the vortexes. Next John formally introduced himself to us presenting his credentials as more than a waiter. He was a displaced unemployed Geologist for the USGS who moved here because as he said this was the safest place in America being a geological dead place for anything to happen in the way of a natural disaster. He then told us a geological scientific explanation for the so called energy vortexes.

The Mystical Energy Vortexes explained

It seems that there is a thick layer of crushed quartz crystals about an average of 90 feet below the surface in the Sedona area. Some parts of this layer come almost to the surface. It is well known that quartz and many other crystals can store electronic data or even energy within them. He went on to explain that they get many electrical storms in Sedona with intense lightening strikes that plummet the ground and most of the electrical energy is trapped or stored in this quartz layer. It is released later at the high points closest to the surface in the form of an electro-magnetic radiation. This he went on to say is not at any level that is harmful to the human body but it does effect the chemical electricity pulsing in the human brain. Recent scientific testing does confirm this effect. This electro-magnetic radiation can give a person a euphoric feeling, heightened senses with audio and visual visions even a drunken off balance feeling. He said it had nothing to do with the metaphysical claims of the New Ager's. I did agree. However, I did tell him the reality of Satan and his minions could have added to that  in spite of this scientific reality, Satan was using it for all he could to deceive many into a wrong belief system. Our geologist/waiter and professed Christian also agreed.

Missing Persons, Black Helicopters and Clandestine activity.

As part of the demands of his former job as a USGS scientists and field researcher he was also an experienced mountain climber and a volunteer worker for the Sedona search and rescue team. He certainly had the physical stature to confirm this ability. He went on to describe the fact that there are many people who disappear without a trace from two particular trails both leading to a canyon area mostly unexplored even in today's modern era. He told us less than 20% of this area has been explored and only satellite pictures record what we do know about most of this area. He agreed that many disappearances can be understood from the very dangerous topography but there are many that cannot be explained by normal means. Some people have disappeared but their belongings even the clothes they wore remained as the only trace of their existence. They actually have an annual “garage sale” on unclaimed articles left by these people. The business and political elements of Sedona cover up this problem as they do not want it to cause damage to the tourist industry existing there. John had many other observations to tell us and too much for this article here. The same area where the disappearances have taken place many people have witnessed military aircraft with landing gear down in an area that has no airfield known to anyone. Special Radar search equipment on military aircraft including the infamous black helicopters have also been witnessed by the locals.

Mystical Sedona

We left John and the restaurant and went right to the place he warned us not to go. My son David and Erik followed the path right up to the point we were told not to go marked by a warning sign telling people to be careful with a list of things not to do. They complied with the instructions but went about a mile beyond where we were told not to go. Nothing happened to them but I had to go back because the hiking trip was too much for me.

Another place we checked out was a more popular public “safe place” to experience the vortex phenomena at Bell Rock. I again could not make the hike but David and Erik did. When they got to the peak of this butte, they saw many stones piled on top of one another in strange occult configurations. My son acting like an OT prophet proceeded to kick them down and apart. Dad was proud. Some may think this was being disrespectful but I agree that just as the prophets of old tore down the pagan places of worship in obedience of the Lord even in NT times forgetting political correctness, we have a right to do the same on “public” land so he did with my approval. Neither Dave or Erik experienced the energy or any mystical feelings from the vortex. Protection from the Lord from our perspective and not being in tune with the powers that be, would be the perception from the New Age view.

                          Climbing Bell Rock                                                                                                                                               Rock towers serve to focus energy

Seductive Sedona

Going into town was something else. The atmosphere was seductive and enticing for anyone seeking experience or truths without Spiritual discernment. Sedona is filled with little enclaves looking like a cross between a European villa and a Pueblo village with lavish decor including fountains in the central squares and little shops lined on narrow streets. New Age music is piped through the entire place to give it a mystical atmosphere. The shops include every form of occult practice with attached gift shops. Truly a Mecca for the occult wrapped up in a glittering clean friendly veneer.

We went to one place called the New Age Information center and asked about the ascenstchiants. They acted as if they never heard of the ascentchiants and did not have any information to give us. It was obvious to them that we were not fellow adepts or followers of the New Age of enlightenment and may be why they knew nothing and had nothing to offer. We were told to turn off our cameras and politely hinted that we should leave.

We went into the Sedona information center and found the attendant there describing the history of Sedona and how it got it's name, which had nothing to do with any NWO connection or conspiracy. In spite of this, the similarities are remarkable and I am sure Satan can make things connect through people innocently or unknowingly in a same but opposite way the Lord does working things to his own desire. As we talked to this official, he opened up to us and told us much of the same things John our waiter stated. He however did not want this on film and refused to be photographed. He also moved from Oregon to Sedona after researching the geological safe places in the US. In fear for his families safety in light of the coming 2012 doomsday warnings he relocated to Sedona as he told us. I told him I did not think anything was going to happen on December 21, 2012 that can be detected and it will just be another day. I felt bad for him as his actions were not one as being led by the Lord but just plain fear and anxiety for the things he saw coming down the road.


My son entered a place that claimed they had what anyone wanted. It was a shop filled with drug paraphernalia pipes , bongs and the like. It was a blast from the past for me as this was just a hippie headshop as we used to call them back in the day. I heard my son witnessing and answering some very hard questions the owner of the shop was asking. The owner was a “hardcore New Age Hippie type” but well read and informed as to why he believes what he believes. Proud again, my son was giving answers that even the owner agreed he had never heard such logical answers come from “Christians” before. (More important he quoted scripture for every point made) I knew my son was arriving into his own and well equipped for this kind of ministry. I reminded him we were on a tight schedule so we left. The owner followed shortly after, leaving his store empty and running across the street after us to ask several more burning questions. He had a hunger for the truth and began hanging on every word we said about Jesus. This was the high point of our trip as all agreed later. My son even feels the call to this place to minister. I laughed and told him the Lord will have to rearrange his finances to ever afford anything in this town. But it may just come to pass if the Lord so desires. That night we expected to go out into the night sky and see our first UFO sighting as this is the claim by many from Sedona. It rained the evening and was cloudy so that never happened for us we had to continue on.





Aquarian Help?

The rest of the trip was filled with mysteries that only added to the many questions we had. In Bagdad Arizona we found that the main thing this small town had going for it was a copper mine. Copper in association with the Nephilim is a connection Steve Quayle has much information about relating to the Giants and we found that interesting. When we got into the Aquarian Mountains we discovered a huge Christian complex being built there on the 6,000ft summit. It was a miracle that we even found this place as this mountain range was my worst nightmare. Narrow dirt roads winding like a snake with no guard rails, drop offs and cliffs. Yikes! The strange thing even our guide was confounded about was the fact that the current population of that area was about 5 people. I wanted to keep my distance from the place not knowing if I was going into a cult compound like the branch Davidians or the Children of the Corn. Our guide was fearless and drove into the complex and established contact with the residents there. We interviewed the Pastor and found he was well funded with only a crew less than a dozen followers, they were building this huge complex he believed was going to be a “Christian Academy” He did not believe that the end time prophetic events were going on and was simply being obedient to the Lord building an education center in the middle of nowhere with no one around. His wife however believed he was actually building what would become a refuge center to help many people for the coming persecutions and geological events. As he told me of his vision the Holy Spirit seemed to confirm to me that this was going to be a place of safety in hard times. We all left feeling we had experienced something important to know of for the future but uncertain just what it was.







T                  CA Christian Compound ?                                                               Typical Mountain road


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Foot of the Eagle Tail Mountains

On the Road to X Marks the Spot


Our primary goal in this venture was to place a marker on the spot I had determined was the mirror opposite from the east to this point in the west for a future reference for others to use. Anything beyond that point was an extra bonus to the trip.

I carved out a piece of hardwood and engraved the GPS Co-ordnances into the wood and used a metallic based coating over it. Below encased in Plexiglas is a description and story of the Genesis 6 hybrids and their prophetic return here and why this plaque was here. The plaque is encouraging others to find the exact location from this point. Perhaps if they ever do find the exact location of the tower of Babel the information can be transferred from this marker point to the actual location. Below carved into aluminum is the promise and warning from the Lord from Mark 4:22. The Marker was mounted on a heavy pipe pole. The two flags flying on either sides represent that is was Americans that discovered this point and with the help of a fellow believer in the Netherlands who made it possible. Not only was this addition a show of appreciation but to make others aware that it is a concern for everyone on this planet.                                                                    

As we went toward the intersecting cor-ordinances we passed up an abandoned Astronomical Observatory on top of a mountain owned by the Smithsonian Institute exactly on the 113.20 line.








 When we got to the Eagle Tail mountains it was already getting dusk so we camped out under Courthouse Rock in the middle of nowhere for the night. My son insisted on sleeping under the stars and I would not let him do it alone. I kept thinking about scorpions and rattlesnakes but was determined to have this father-son bond in spite of my fears. It meant a lot to my son so I am glad I did this. Erik on the otherhand, decided inside of the car was better so that is where he stayed for the night and he who's name we do not mention slept in the back of his truck. Uneventful night but sleeping on those rocks was not anything I wanted to repeat again under any conditions. I served in the rapid deployment service in the Army years ago so this wasn't new to me but that was over 40 years ago. At 19 compared to 60 makes a big difference on the body.

The next mourning  using a GPS, we located the intersecting point that we were seeking. We had to leave our rented car and go in the Jeep until we had to leave even that and back pack our equipment and the plaque on foot. The intersecting point was in the middle of a very inhospitable desert with an impassable terrain located in the middle of nowhere. As we planted the plaque with the American and Netherlands flags, I did sense that this was a moment of importance and some time in the future this act may make more sense. The plaque was an in your face instruction of what and why we were marking this site as God's watchmen. It was also a warning with a quote from Jesus where he said, “nothing hidden or secret would remain but that all should come to light”. We ended the plaque with the promise that other watchmen were coming to finish what was started to expose the evil being done. We prayed and asked the Lord to reveal these truths in his time and thanked him for the opportunity to mark this place and prayed for those who had become it's victims. We all left with a sense of completion and I felt we had pretty much at that point, accomplished all that was expected of us. I never thought of it this way but after the trip it was Peggy Marzulli ( the wife of LA Marzulli) who suggested to me that on a spiritual bases, this could be an act that blocks or prohibits the flow of energy creating these portals from the ethereal to the material world and why these certain mathematical points are so important. I am more of a nuts and bolt kind of guy but I certainly cannot refuse this idea as there are some Biblical precedence for them.     I was determined to seek further  so we pressed on with the hopes of finding the actual location of this facility. Following the trail of names and locations as displayed on the Arizona state map,  the next logical point of interest was only about 25 miles away. Yellow Medicine Butte.

Why Yellow Medicine Butte?

Now it becomes necessary to know all about Mercury. This is important because we are still talking about Anu and the fortress of Anu. Mercury being one in the same for the so called ancient God is alluding to an important and essential element of physics. In 1996 the Lord while fasting and praying about UFOs and the Bible told me among many other things that the element Mercury was a key to faster than light travel which is what a UFO does. He showed me the medical staff called the Caduceus and then described to me that what was discovered by the Nazi think tanks from this picture. They realized that by putting the element Mercury into a type of cyclotron, it creates a vortex able to wrap or warp space and time surrounding it, as shown by the intertwined serpents. This pole with the globes on either or one end signifies the polarity of electricity that is also created that can then be utilized into a new form of flight as shown by the wings above. The element Mercury and this process is the main element to accomplish this and what the Nazi scientist's first achieved via aid from the fallen angelic host. In 1996 there was no information available on this yet and I was to take this by faith alone. So I remained silent for years until others came forward and told their stories. Some working in Area 51, and others showing their research to the reality of this Nazi connection, in time was revealed by many others and a confirmation to me. Then I guess I had the courage to speak this knowledge out. One pioneer researcher who stood out from most was William Lyne. He actually found an important component of a Nazi UFO in a swap meet in New Mexico. He went to Germany and found the source and has written many books on his findings. Once laughed at by the UFO community he has now gained much deserved respect for his work as a pioneer ahead of his time. Today this has become common knowledge and accepted by most researchers. In 1996 it was only by faith and I was the crazy one. Even my closest friends scratched their heads and rolled their eyes up. Time will catch up with other things the Lord has revealed to me in the same manner some day. Now I am much quicker to speak boldly what the Lord has told me. This has been a slow decade by decade process to discover this lost knowledge. We know today that this is how Mercury becomes the swift messenger of commerce and trade as encrypted  in Roman Mythology.

Mercury is also the main element in the mid-evil Alchemical quest for turning lead to Gold. This was a quest that has historically been a universal one that even before the middle age Europeans made the search famous, the Arabian and Chinese cultures predated them by centuries looking for the same thing with foundational knowledge from the ancients. This search was never just the literal physical goal called transmutation, the act of turning led into Gold. There was a deeper meaning that included a physical/spiritual  search for turning the mortal limited earthbound life represented by lead into an eternal one represented by Gold. The Europeans defined this kind of  deeper search as a universal medicine or liquid and called it by the name of AZOTH which is a combined acronym from three different languages. The A being Alpha the 1st letter in the Greek. Z is the last letter in Latin and O for Omega the last letter in the Greek with the TH being the last letters in the Hebrew. AZOTH then is the beginning and the end coming together like God to eternal life but accomplished by man for man and circumventing God. There were many carvings and diagrams made that had a consistent formula encrypted into the iconic art works that reveal the process and elements to make this universal liquid to immortality. Here are a few examples to look at then we will see what the elements are Oh and hold on to your hats!










Mercury as said before, is the main element for this AZOTH. The addition of this  Copper Antimony alloy with fire or heat (discovered today as a transmutation effect on elements by radiation) so irradiated, it alters the antimony to antimony regulus (a sulfide) Simply put Sulfur. In the 18th and 19th century Sulfur was commonly called Yellow Medicine for it's popular use in medicine. Mercury, Copper, Sulfur and Iron seem to be the four main elements and the use of intense heat or radiation that equals Azoth. The reason the part of Arizona is red is because of the large amount of the mineral content of  Iron . Much of this as dirt and dust in time has now rusted into the red dirt. The very four elements in one form or another is exactly what we have had already come in contact with on our journey through Arizona with this butte named Sulfur.  So following the fortress of Anu with Anu being Mercury and the addition of sulfur it would only seem logical following the occult practices that something must be on or in Yellow Medicine Butte. This was deemed by myself as the next most important spot we needed to make after posting the marker.


Hold on Kid!

As soon as we left the Marker spot we came under a heavy spiritual attack.  There was missed communication, stressful feelings by polar opposite personalities within our camp that came to a head. To cool off and collect ourselves we decided to head to a small town near Yellow medicine Butte for food before we went off into yet another unknown part of the desert again. Some things were starting to come together and I did not like the picture it was painting. Our guide we found out later on the trip worked with the police as an informant when he got busted for poaching. He was in the witness protection program but also still on the governments payroll. When we camped out far away from anything, he pulled out a 9mm pistol and wanted us to take turns target practicing. My son did pretty good, Erik would have nothing to do with it and I for some reason did not feel like letting him know I was a pretty good shot being ex-military so I shot with my other eye and was not so good. (I am left handed but right eye dominate go figure that one) The tense feeling and further discussions made me start feeling uneasy about our guide and where he was really at with what we were doing. When we got back on the road it was about an hour later I realized I had not even see a Butte anywhere. We had hand held radios to communicate between cars and asked where Yellow Medicine Butte was. The reply floored me. Oh that was back about 80 miles ago I didn't know you still wanted to go there. I was headed for the Petroglyph Park. I said no, we need to turn around and go there it is the second most important place to go on this trip. I was going to give it the best shot to find this place but I believe the Lord had other plans and I was interfering. This was the first time I had received support money for anything I have ever done in ministry since my store in Roswell. I felt obligated to produce results. But, we were going ahead of the Lord on this one.  Feelings became even more tense than before but I insisted we go back. We tried two of three roads heading up into the Butte and both we tried failed as impassable by any vehicles we were in. The third was on the entire other side but the road did not look much different than the other two from our Google map. Out last attempt, our guide got us lost! Now I knew something was wrong and I did not have a peace about pushing it any further.

Our guide was a very intelligent man who was a walking encyclopedia of information. He could spot a snake or reptile 100;s of yards away. He knew every fauna and flora like an encyclopedia guidebook and we found his information both entertaining and interesting. He was also a very articulate and well planned person always knowing where he was and what he was doing. So now suddenly he gets a brain freeze. I don't think so. And the end of this trip for me, it sealed all of my suspicions as being true. In spite of it all I really like the guy. He was a very likable guy and even if he was on the governments payroll I am sure from his perspective he was protecting the country from a possible enemy or reckless snoop. I like the later definition myself and what I tried to portray once I got suspicious.  We decided not to pursue Yellow Medicine Butte any longer and continued on past it toward the well known Petroglyph park. I gave up, as I was concerned for our own safety not certain about our guide and realizing we were trying to find something we are not meant to know about with someone we didn't know much about either.

Ancient Pictures

We sought out some other locations on the way to the petroglyphs including a very unusual prison. There was a prison just off US 10 near Gila Bend that has no name and is not on any map. It is a huge compound stretched out almost a mile long along the Hwy. It is there and a very busy place but yet it is not there by normal identification that we could find. No signs with names only keep out signs. Unlike the so called FEMA camps that seem to be new but empty, this was a very busy place just no identifiable signs to indicate what it was.

 We were greatly disappointed going to the public park and other public locations of petroglyphs. Most of the public locations like the painted desert have been destroyed by visitors. Our guide knew of some non public locations we could check out. My son was the only one daring enough to rock climb the 60 degree cliffs to photograph them. Many we desired to see that were on the Ancient Alien TV show we discovered were only found through local Archeologists who have them cataloged with locations not accessible to the general public and why they are still in pristine condition.

 Our last leg of the trip we headed north toward Superstition Mts. Here is where we would go our separate ways. On our radios, our guide told us he wanted to make one more stop but first he had to pull over to contact his friends about meeting him. We pulled off the highway shoulder and he made his phone call. Then we followed him off US 8 onto some more dirt roads until we came to a military sign telling us to stop and not go any further down the road. Our guide just zipped right by the entrance to a National Guard Armory during war time and was not even stopped or challenged. This was unheard of and I yelled stop pull over we cannot go any further stop now. My great sense of command was unyielding and we continued to follow him down the road to an end where it turned right in front of the headquarters building. I think in retrospect it must have been my son driving he only listens to me half of the time anyway. LOL . Everything happened so fast. Our guide slowed down when we were in front of the headquarters, Of all things I had the camera going and realized that I was just inviting us to get arrested and put it away. We then just left the compound as fast we had entered.  I got on the radio and said firmly what the Hell was that all about. (I was not exactly calm and composed, so yes that was an exact quote.) His response to my panicked state was a calm, "Oh, I thought you might want to see the Armory". "Not like that I didn't." I responded!"


 I realized what had just happened and figured I had to calm down and let it go so it didn't get any worse. We believe had just been profiled and he called ahead to make sure everything was ready. I am sure they filmed us and that was the whole point of this unscheduled stop at the end of our trip. We then said our good byes and he left us headed for Phoenix to his "friends" and we headed for the Superstition Mts.



We ended out trip at the base of the Superstition Mountains. This is on the 33.3 degree line but east of Phoenix. This is a place that has all of the similar paranormal things happening there, as within Sedona. It has the legends of the Anu or ant people (looking like the Grey's) who helped the Indians through the dangerous paths in the mountains. The local natives would not live in the mountains as many people all throughout history have disappeared there. Today when you enter the roads into the national park, you have to sign in so the officials know who to search for if you come up missing and many do. It is a dangerous place with many natural dangers including some of the local natives who have warned of death to trespassers in some areas deemed as sacred ground. Legends of the "Flying Dutchman mine" an alleged mine containing veins of Gold have attracted many to this place for over a hundred years. A spelunker who did go there in search of this, lived to tell of his findings there. He claims to have found within one of the many caves there an entrance that narrowed with huge steps made for someone much larger than normal humans and a long underground corridor with a room filled with giant human remains. Many who have disappeared may be by the dangerous terrain, hostile natives and even competition to gold and others seeking the same gold could be included to normal means of their demise. But like Sedona there are far more unexplained missing than can be explained by these normal ways. Myths of underground alien bases are common within the secular UFO community about the Superstition Mts. It would not surprise me if all of these places were interconnected by underground tunnels and bases and operated by the same dark powers. There was one place far removed from the Baghdad Iraq site and well below the 33.3 line that some Archeologists claim may be the location of the tower of Babel. I did not include this into my figures but perhaps some how the Superstition Mts have some kind of mathematical  line up with that place and we may have been overlooking this place as the most obvious in Arizona. Perhaps someone in the near future may find out for sure.

 We were told we would live in these times with these kind of supernatural events especially within the last beast empire that would literally exist some day. The US may just be that last beast empire mentioned in Daniel 2:43 where they mingle their seed with a hidden Fortress of Anu. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg on this. The total conclusion to this mystery will be for a younger generation at another time. I was just pleased to have helped along with the work of David Flynn to set the course and get it started.


Conclusion if there is any

Since we came back from the trip, I had a hard drive crash and lost most all of the information and data I had in making the trip. The detailed writing on the plaque and all of the specific writings...gone. I did not have it backed up. Even far worse was the SD chip from my camera. It was a 32 gig chip and contained 3 hours of filming documenting the trip. It got melted down like a ruffled potato chip. My oldest son  a computer expert for GM, even he could not explain how this thing melted. There was no power surge or any other damage done to my computer and the location of my computer was far from any sunlight that could have done any external damage. It was simply supernatural. Jesus Saves! But I didn't. This gave me a whole new idea on that statement because I did not save or backup any of this. I lost it all. The data may be rescued but at a costly price. I did have a second camera with a about an hour of filming but nothing like a complete documentation. This caused me to do a lot of heart searching. There is such a thing as spiritual warfare but Satan can only attack by permission so my prayer was Lord what are you trying to show me in all of this.

He showed me. I got too close to some important truths that are ahead of it's time. Everything is on God's schedule not ours. There is a reason for everything and some evil has to be played out according to God's ultimate purpose. He is and always has been the one in control. While it was very important to post the plaque in the place we did and also going to all of the other places to see firsthand what needed to be seen and experienced, I know in my own heart and mind I have done all I can do on this journey to reveal and inspire others to the hidden truths lurking somewhere in Arizona and confirmed by His Word being led of his Holy Spirit throughout this trip.

Between this trip and the Stephensville, Texas trip, a personal first hand witness to the application of events mentioned in the Bible as the two lies in the Garden of Eden were witnessed by myself as two Satanic promises in the process of completion in these last days. Satan using two technologies is in the process of completing them both in these last days at the hands of America and in both cases gleaned German Nazi technology based on occult forbidden and hidden knowledge from the pre-flood era. The two lies from the Garden are actually two promises to gain back what Satan had taken away in the Garden of Eden. We are headed to a promise of eternal life within a new age of an eternal environment, by the hand of man with fallen angelic intervention. It is an act of rebellion to circumvent God and his provisions and offers to accept Satan's counter offer and provisions. It looks like a cheap easy way but it has a heavy price, your eternal soul. I have now experienced this set up by personal application of time and expense in poking my nose where it was not wanted and putting myself  and the other volunteers in harms way to discover these hidden truths without  regard to our own lives and exposing ourselves to these "powers that be". I am not being melodramatic here just realistic. For my personal leading I now accept that at my age and health, the rest of this kind of exploration will be left to a younger generation. I also realized from the experience in Sedona that my next change in gears in ministry for me will not be a passive one in any sense. I will continue to be up close and personal not just sitting behind a computer with ideas but take what I do know and have personally experienced back out into the highways and byways to share with people eye to eye as an evangelists and witness to what I know and have seen.



It has been a long haul since I was first called into this kind of ministry back in 1996 and even longer since I was aware of the Genesis 6 connection to UFOs and Aliens back in 1978. In that time I have had many great experiences and opportunities far beyond what I ever expected. Woven into these are disappointments I never thought I would see from my family in Christ that were not so great. It is strange that we humans seem to focus on the negative more than counting our blessings for the good. I am guilty of that. I have had some things of what the Lord has given to me plagiarized without given any credit for source or inspiration. Those that once laughed at me have now changed their position (as it became acceptable or even popular) and have become well known as the originators of  ideas that I spoke about years before anyone knew about them. I have had opportunities for global exposure to what the Lord has given to me if I played the game right. I did not and the doors have now closed because I did not agree with unrelated non-core doctrines held by the ones presenting these opportunities. I have also refused promotion from a few because I could not turn a blind eye to things that would compromise myself or my ministry by being associated with people with less than honorable  ways that they operate in ministry. As much as I tried to not let a root of bitterness take control it has and tainted my objectivity dealing with people. It can be a very trying place to be in dealing with a rebellious people. Anyone in any kind of apologetics ministry can understand this. Again this is not any different than what others faced before and we have the records of this in the Bible as an example.


In the book of Revelation, Jesus addresses the 7 churches that existed in that time. Many say this is 7 different phases the church would go through in history. This greatly diminishes what I believe the real purpose is. A deeper study of this text shows different cultural environments with different cultural practices, beliefs and challenges to their faith in the Lord. In each case the Lord addresses the problems in their own cultural language and presents solutions also in their own cultural manners that they could relate to. I was tugged in my heart by the first one addressed, the church at Ephesus. This was a city enamored by the occult and the supernatural. They were faithful and diligent with exposing the lies and proclaiming God's truths in opposition and in spite of much persecution they remained unrelenting and obedient to their calling. But something was lacking in what they did. Their actions by a war of attrition caused them to lose the love to do this as Jesus would do. So in a sense they were doing this on a pragmatic level lacking the passion and emotional connections toward man that lacked an appeal of the personal battle for the individual's soul. The solution, go back to the beginning of their own relationship. That first emotional filling of love and joy as you shared the most important message given to mankind, the need for Jesus and the forgiveness and reconciliation of his offer. I realized that the hurt, frustration and misuse of what I had experienced in ministry had made me become detached emotionally from the people I was dealing with. I guess as a defense mechanism this change helped deal with the negative feelings but it was not the proper way to handle it. In my ministry the focus was always evangelical but it had become robotic and somewhat detached when addressing rebellious and skeptical unbelievers especially those that were rude right from the start.


So the Lord's solution in my life and the change I am going to make in ministry is something the Lord has been trying to tell me for years and I was not understanding. ( probably why we are called his sheep) . A few years back my wife Debbie and I were at a local arts and craft show here in Michigan. I noticed that many of the shows started to allow authors to set up a booth and sell their books under the idea of being part of the fine arts. I mentioned to Debbie that I should think about setting up a booth and selling my book and DVD's in this format. You see, back in the 70's I made a full time living as an independent artist doing a variety of metal sculptures and wood carvings. Art shows back then reached a fad wave that included shows in most of the major malls. I did quite well and really enjoyed it. When I first started out in this current ministry  my wife and I used to travel to many UFO conventions as a vendor. We both enjoyed traveling and doing the shows. She took over the secular part of business which allowed me to spend more time with customers as I shared their need for the Lord in the many ways God has given me. A gift from the Lord actually enables me to do this without anyone feeling that they are being "preached to". We stopped doing this part of ministry when I had my store in Roswell NM as there was no time left for anything else but running the store. In the store I started adding metal sculpture to the displays and books with a great increase of public traffic. Even if people did not buy the art work they enjoyed looking and this became a major attraction and draw to the store. At the end of each week I could count on at least a dozen divine appointments with very fruitful results. Now, to take this kind of mobile set up on the road is both exciting and I know will be rewarding. There are many other reasons that fit into this new direction as well. My wife and I are both retired on SSD and she has been trying to keep active and fill her time with things that are meaningful. Her job was a big part of her life and identity and now that gap needs to be filled. This is where getting back on the road will help in her and our relationship as well. There are many reasons for this change in ministry and as creative as the Lord can be this change addresses all the concerns as the solution. I think the shows on the road may lead to  having another store like I had in Roswell but this time in Detroit. Unlike before I do have a church home fellowship of about 300 members and a Pastor who both understands my ministry and supports it as well. I used to always say when I was frustrated that I was just going to go fishing which I enjoy and has always been a way of relaxing. Now I am going to do this but as Jesus told Peter and his fishing brothers, "Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men. I got the bait  so I think I will do some fishing.

God Bless, Jim Wilhelmsen

Update: Below is a video of the same trip it also contains an update as the result of the man who was our guide. He contacted me very upset at a mistake I made in covering up any pictures with him in it. I removed and changed it right away. He swears he is not and was not working for the government when on the trip. I wish I could believe him but I don't know what to believe. I am siding on the safe side for my family and I. I do not like the person I have become in light of all of this. Another reason I am not going on these kind of trips anymore. Most of my concern is not even from this trip but it came from the Stavenville Lights investigation I did in 2009. It was a time ago but I uncovered a cover up by the secular UFO community working in tandem with the government hiding facts about the flap sightings that has more to do with escaped Nazis in a timre travel escape at the fall of the 3rd Reich in 1945. People saw bell shaped objects two of them in 2009 when I was there. since my postings of my findings all witnesses have reversed their stories. Some were good Christian people. I believe they were intimidated to do so. A Hollywood producer followed up on my work and found himself in a very scary position. He called and I told him he should just walk away from it this is bigger than any of us and right now it is not any matter of life and death to others so forget it. I think he did. Like I said I'm gong fishing God's way.